EL LATINO: Cut Services

The brothers Pablo and Raul, innocent victims of the government’s decision

Raul Carranza Jr. and his brother Paul (Carranza) suffer from muscular dystrophy, a disease with irreversible consequences and terminal. But now the Gutierrez family that suffers the pain of cutting nurses and drug costs up to 40 percent by the state government of California.

Now that Governor Jerry Brown has confirmed that the cuts continue, his father, Raul Carranza (father) said during a demonstration held in the state building in downtown San Diego, “it is terrible that the government is sensitized and decide cut the health sector, when it does in others. “

Shortly before that launched a demonstration in front of the state of California on Front Street and B, in downtown San Diego, Carranza said that only the family knows how difficult and hard it’s been taking care of their children, and without further explanation, the government decides to continue cutting services.

Raul Carranza Jr. was the first to lose health services to have exceeded 21 years (currently 22), as if age was a good reason for the cut, said sad but inquisitive, the father of two boys.

He stressed that despite his illness, and care more than usual, requiring children have dropped out of college, expressing great intelligence, but sadly affected his movements or motor area.

Among the protesters were two nurses spent caring for Raul and Pablo Carranza, parents of both members of the union SEIU Local 212, and older people affected by the cuts, among others. 

Source: Cut services:The brothers Paul and Raul, innocent victims of the government’s decision | EL Latino


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