SAN DIEGO READER: Fundraiser Nets $2000 for Local Patient

Fundraiser Nets $2000 for Local Patient

By Dave Rice | Posted February 20, 2012, 7:44 a.m.

A fundraiser Saturday night at Balboa Park’s Centro Cultural de la Raza netted over $2000 to benefit Raul Carranza in his fight to restore Medi-Cal funding to pay for treatment related to muscular dystrophy, a disease that has left him in need of round-the-clock medical support.

Carranza later shared a laugh over what at the time was a rather embarrassing moment during the event. “My friend Sarah had asked me to dance. When we were dancing my hand got stuck on the control of the wheelchair and I started going around in circles but everyone thought I was dancing.”

The event was organized by Occupy San Diego’s Labor Solidarity Committee and featured musical performances and speeches from those involved in the Occupy movement as well as a silent auction with items donated by community members.

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